SmartWeight® Technology Provides the Best Possible Balance and Ride

Traditional Balancing Method Deficiencies
Traditional Balancing Method Deficiencies

Traditional balancing methods have several deficiencies. The first is applying a fixed correction weight tolerance regardless of the weight location chosen. The second limitation is that this assumes the same importance for both static and couple imbalance forces.

With most wheel assemblies this tolerance is too loose for static imbalance and too tight for couple imbalance. This can result in excessive residual static force remaining creating vibration related complaints.

SmartWeight Balancing Technology
SmartWeight Balancing Technology with the WeightSaver™ feature.

SmartWeight balancing evaluates static and couple forces independently, applies separate limits, and then computes corrections weights based on vibration force reduction, not fixed weight tolerances. Each limit is based on the amount of force needed to induce noticeable vibration in the wheel assembly.

Using the WeightSaver™ feature, SmartWeight balancing minimizes the amount of weight required and applies correction weights only when a force exceeds the limit that will cause a noticeable vibration. A more effective dynamic balance is also automatically achieved.