SmartWeight® Technology Reduces Wheel Weight Use and Speeds Balance Service Time

30-40% Wheel Weight Savings!
SmartWeight balancing software displays and stores wheel weight savings for each balance cycle. Cumulative weight savings can be displayed and printed making it easy to record and track weight savings over time. This example shows that for 2,438 spins SmartWeight technology saved a total of 1,935.5 ounces (31.7 %) of weight. Labor time was also reduced when 53% of the wheels were dynamically balanced with only one weight required.

Save Labor Time on More Than 30% of Balances!

SmartWeight technology typically reduces “floor-to-floor” cycle time on more than 30% of wheels balanced by using a single wheel weight instead of two to correct static and couple imbalance.

Typical Double Weight Correction
Single Weight Correction with SmartWeight® Technology