SmartWeight® Press Release

Hunter SmartWeight® Technology Establishes a New Era of Wheel Balancing

Hunter Engineering’s patented SmartWeight® balancing technology is a revolutionary wheel balancing method that minimizes correction weight usage and maximizes productivity, saving money on both material and labor costs. This new method computes correction weights by measuring and evaluating the “absolute” or pure static (shake) and couple (shimmy) forces that cause vibration. Unlike traditional balancing, which judges balance condition based on correction weight values, SmartWeight balancing uses the actual static and couple forces, which directly addresses the source of vibration problems, resulting in the best possible balance.

The efficiency of SmartWeight balancing comes from not only the direct relationship to actual imbalance forces, but also from the application of independent tolerances placed on static and couple forces.

SmartWeight balancing evaluates static and couple forces independently with separate imbalance tolerances. Each tolerance limit is set based on the amount of force needed to induce a noticeable vibration on a given wheel assembly. SmartWeight balancing puts the appropriate emphasis on the appropriate force and calls for correction weights only when a force exceeds the limit that will cause a noticeable vibration. It also recognizes that not all wheel assemblies are the same size and automatically adjusts the tolerances to more accurately correct imbalance.

The unique balancing philosophy of SmartWeight technology presents money-saving advantages never available before in a wheel balancer. SmartWeight balancing eliminates excessive correction weight usage and can actually reduce the average shop’s wheel weight costs by 33% or more. More efficient weight usage means faster service time with more single-spin balances. The savings SmartWeight balancing generates from lower correction weight usage and greater productivity will improve the profitability of any shop.

Hunter Engineering is the world leader in wheel alignment, brake service, wheel service and safety inspection lane equipment. Hunter equipment is approved and used by vehicle manufacturers, automobile and truck dealers, tire dealers and automotive service facilities around the world.

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